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Internationalization and Localization

Computer Graphic Artist

Job title: Computer Graphic Artist (Localization & Quality Assurance)

Location: San Jose, California

Job description:
Complete graphic design of translated software product graphics to specifications of target markets using specialized computer graphics software. Adapt graphic design of translated materials including printed and on-line documents from marketing material including packaging, and brochures to educational material such as graphic online tutorials, interactive multimedia packages, and reference manuals. Perform graphic editing and localization using Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator; screenshot capturing and editing of multilingual UI (User Interface) on Windows and Mac OS platforms; and video editing and subtitling using Adobe AfterEffects and AudacityAdapt editable graphics including black and white, gray and color screen captures in every standard format and the illustrations using computer graphics software packages. Layout checking and revising localized documents using mainly Adobe FrameMaker. Complete creative layout adaptation of the translated marketing material, packages, and brochures using Adobe Illustrator and InDesign; creating localized character/paragraph format templates in Adobe FrameMaker; generating table of contents and index of translated documentation; adapting typography to the requirements of the target markets; generating final output for localized online and printed materials; converting documentation files to help authoring files using WebWorks e-Publisher; assemble all parts of translated and typeset documentation in a final localized graphics output; print camera ready copies of the computer graphics documentation; and create a final set of deliverables including documentation and file images in the requested format.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Graphic Desgin, Art, Animation, Illustration or related field. The 1 year of work experience must include: Quality assurance for graphic localization files; Editing and designing localizable graphic files to comply with bidirectionalization standards; Adapting software images for bidirectional languages; Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects; Web-works e-publisher; AudacityAdapt

Mail resume: Attn: M. Enea, HighTech Passport Ltd., 1590 Oakland Road, Ste. B202, San Jose, CA 95131 Ref: Job#: SA2018

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