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Internationalization and Localization

Desktop publishing, Graphic design

We provide multilingual typesetting for online and print-ready material, from flyers and brochures to booklets and packagings, from large technical manuals to online presentations, web graphics, etc.

Our multilingual desktop publishing specialists and graphic designers work with any DTP or graphic applications available on Windows and Macintosh platforms including:
Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash and CorelDRAW.

We have the locale-specific expertise to provide DTP services to you in any of the 80 languages we offer, including European, double-byte (Asian) and bidirectional languages (Hebrew, Arabic, etc.)

What our clients say:

"You and the rest of your team have done a remarkable job with the translation of the IFUs and the layout of the book! It looks great. My compliments to all. Also, my manager is very pleased with the book."

Varian Medical Systems Localization Manager


Before starting the translation proper we thoroughly analyze the source files to detect and fix potential issues that could slow down the process. We then adjust fonts, paragraph styles, layout templates, etc. to match the format of the target language.
PDFs based on the source files are created for review, if the process includes a client or third-party review.
We deliver outputs in any required format: camera-ready printouts, EPS, or PDF files.
We also offer conversion from one platform to another (e.g. Word document to FrameMaker) upon request.


We are experts in single-sourcing, one of the most efficient process for the localization of printed and online documentation. This powerful cost- and time-saving solution increases overall quality and consistency, while simplifying the handling of multi-language releases and updates.
It creates one localized source which can be used in multiple formats and documents, printed as well as online.

Through the years, we have helped several customers switch to the single-sourcing approach, by developing creative solutions addressing their specific needs.

Our teams have the expertise to handle all stages of the process:

  • General consulting
  • Creation of templates according to client specification
  • Internationalization of templates
  • Preparation of the source documentation for translation
  • Post-formatting and layout of the translated documentation
  • Conversion into the desired output (such as HTML and PDF
  • Testing and debugging of the output

Graphic localization

We capture screen shots from localized applications and integrate them into the localized source files, and we localize graphic elements.

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