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Internationalization and Localization

Localization (L10N), Technical Translation

What our clients say:

"I compiled the Help and the .ini files in Spanish and really appreciated the work your translators did. They made the Spanish version clearer and better than some of the English text. We have clarified several parts of the English text using the Spanish model."

Efficient Networks, Localization Manager

Localization (UI, help, website)

Localization: the process of adapting content to the needs of a specific locale or target market.
A well-localized project is regarded by its end user as a product developed in his own language, as opposed to being translated from another one.

How do we get there?

At the beginning of a project, our engineering team conducts a thorough analysis of the provided localization kit to identify potential problems. Issues likely to complicate the localization process are corrected in the source language - rather than in each and every target language after translation - resulting in significant time and cost savings down the line.

Our language specialists develop unique project glossaries at the beginning of the process with industry-, company-, and platform-specific terminology. They also maintain an extensive terminological database.

Once a product is localized, it undergoes thorough on-screen testing on language-specific platforms to ensure that it displays well and matches the original version both in functionality and accuracy. Any necessary linguistic corrections are implemented before final delivery. Depending on the agreement with the client, non-linguistic bugs discovered during the process are either fixed by our engineers or reported for further processing.

We help our clients pick and choose the professional services that best suit their product, schedule, and budget. Our services and process steps include:

  • Language engineering and source code analysis
  • User interface and help file translation
  • Graphics' localization
  • Screen shot capturing
  • UI element resizing
  • Feature customization
  • Building of localized online help systems
  • Creation of localized software builds
  • Creation of localized installable software kits
  • Linguistic testing of localized products
  • Functional testing

More details on this page.

Technical translation

With linguistic excellence as one of its fundamental principles, HTP creates personalized solutions for each client. They are based on an optimal combination of state-of-the-art localization tools, engineering creativity and human linguistic expertise.

The list of languages we currently support.

We translate any type of material:

  • Printed and online docs and manuals
  • Online help systems
  • Reference guides
  • Training and educational literature
  • Marketing collateral
  • Video or audio scripts
  • Software
  • Apps

For all of these components we focus on:

I. Accuracy

We work exclusively with professional, specialized translators.
Through a thorough qualification process, we make sure that they have the skills to:

  • accurately translate technical terms
  • fully express the meaning of contents rather than just “convert” the wording.

This ability to go beyond words and render concepts differentiates a professional linguist from a layman. It is especially valuable with marketing content that needs to convey a specific message in another culture beyond the mere translation of a term.

II. Cultural acceptability

Our language specialists, all professionally trained, are native speakers of the target language. Every linguist is assessed and tested by our lead translator before becoming part of our network. Their performance is evaluated and monitored on a continuous basis.

III. Proficiency in our domains of operation

IT, web services, life sciences, communications, apps, mobile technologies, and more...

Thanks to the diversity of specializations available in our international network of translators, editors, writers, and voice-talents, we excel at matching projects with the most competent and experienced teams in our clients' specific domains.
As a general rule teams are assigned to a client/project through several versions. This approach creates a sense of "ownership" with the team, capitalizes on the initial learning curve and product knowledge, and strengthens consistency.

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