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Internationalization and Localization

Locations and cultural diversity

The US headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley

HTP's in-house team is a highly-skilled mix of language experts, software localization engineers, multilingual DTP specialists, graphic designers, project managers, project coordinators, and support personnel, covering many cultures and languages. Most team members have lived abroad as well as in the US. They are fluent in several languages and familiar with the local characteristics of many different target markets around the world.

Our language experts hold degrees in linguistics and technical translation in their native language. They are proficient in English and fluent in at least two other languages. They coordinate and support our international translator network, and help resolve linguistic issues.

Our technical localization specialists, all multilingual as well, hold degrees in engineering. Their handle all technical aspects of the internationalization/localization process: internationalization, software localization, multilingual DTP, testing, as well as the support of our systems and computers.
To facilitate quality control, all technical localization tasks are performed in-house by experienced engineers.

Our talented project managers and coordinators originate from many countries. They hold master's degrees in translation, project management, and other relevant fields. Many of our most experienced managers have obtained an industry-recognized certification for localization project managers: the PMP credential.

The excellent reputation of some of our key players is reflected in their invitations to speak at numerous prestigious industry events such as the Localization World Conference, the Medical Round table, the Project Management Round table, the Unicode Conference, the Worldware Conference, as well as at various client summits.

The European center in Bucharest, heart of fast-developing Eastern Europe

HTP's constant quest for cost-effective localization solutions and the need for time-zone-relevant operations, combined with an increased demand for Central and Eastern European languages, called for an expansion into Europe. In 2003, HighTech Passport Europe opened in Bucharest, Romania, benefiting from our extensive knowledge of the area.

All functions of the US office are duplicated in Bucharest: engineering, desktop publishing, and project management. In addition, the European location features a scalable team of functional testers - available on demand and at very competitive rates.

Our European presence has developed into a major asset for the company: it has strengthened the flexibility and scalability of our operations and allows us to offer 24-hour services.

As a result, HTP Europe has become the point of contact for our European customers as well as for the European branches of our US customers.

In order to maintain the high quality level our clients are accustomed to get from us, we enforce the same assessment and training standards for the European team as for the US staff.

The worldwide network of in-country linguists

In the course of our 22 years in the localization business, we have established a reliable, dependable, worldwide network of professional linguists.

Why in-country?
To ensure the highest degree of cultural acceptability and the compliance with the latest linguistic evolutions and regulations of local languages.

All our linguists translate into their native language in order to provide a linguistically and stylistically sound and accurate output. No exceptions.

Our network covers most languages of Europe, Latin-America, Asia, and Africa: over 80 languages and counting. See the list of languages we currently support.

HighTech Passport specializes in the localization of technical, scientific, and life-science materials, and we take the responsibility attached to these domains very seriously.

Within the large pool of available linguists, we carefully identify those with a solid translation-relevant background and expertise in our specific domains. These translators - independent of their experience level or any credentials they may have - undergo stringent evaluation and qualification procedures, before being admitted to our network.

We do not stop there. We keep reviewing our linguists' performances with each project and track the quality of their work in a database. Every individual is evaluated over time based on linguistic and technical reviews, which allows us to take corrective measures as needed.

Our teams are regularly trained on internal work procedures as well as on the latest industry tools, new technologies and target countries regulations.

In addition, we offer specific product training and support for the linguistic teams assigned to new clients' projects. Whenever possible, we encourage project kick-off meetings that bring translators, client contacts, and reviewers together around the same table or video conference.

Training formats are customized for each client: from sending linguistic teams to client facilities (in the US or abroad) to holding in-house sessions, from Webex conferences to any form of remote support.

While the time and/or financial investments into training may not be feasible for every project, they prove especially beneficial with highly complex projects or first projects with new clients. The insight gained into the product and the client's requirements can immediately be applied to the translation process.
The results are immediately visible in terms of efficiency gains: less review feedback and implementation time, faster processing times, reduced costs.

To ensure that training efforts grant results across versions, our project managers schedule subsequent projects with the same trained linguistic team(s), whenever feasible.

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