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Internationalization and Localization


On-screen linguistic testing (LQA) on localized platforms to check that every localized element displays properly, is a major quality step, part of our standard Software, Help, and App localization process. We highly recommend to include LQA when starting a localization program, and with every major product release. Missing on truncated words or untranslated strings can seriously damage the reputation of a product/company, or make a software incomprehensible.

Examples of issues only detectable at run time:

  • Truncated strings in UI (dialogs, menus, screens)
  • Nonsensical strings due to concatenations

We also offer functional testing on demand. Many companies have taken advantage of our competitive cost and highly efficient process based on a pool of experienced testers located in our European Center.

We also review, test and validate products localized by other companies as third party testers in our domains of expertise.

Before testing the engineering team adapts the existing test scripts created for the source language, or create them if they are not available.
Our multilingual testing teams perform linguistic and/or functionality testing using these test suites on localized platforms.

Our linguistic testing process:

This process focuses on in-context accuracy, consistency, and style of the translated text in the software user interface, online help, or documentation.
To enable consistency checking, we either use existing electronic glossaries or develop unique software glossaries for the product to test, the same applies to style guides. During the process, we implement any necessary linguistic modifications to the tested products and fully document our findings and changes in a formal test report.
While typically 80% of the bugs can be fixed internally, we also report problems unrelated to localization process encountered during the testing process.
This service is extremely appreciated by our client and has allowed major product improvements and fixing of bugs that may have remained undiscovered otherwise.
Linguistic testing is performed by a native-speaker, specialized in the subject matter.

Our functional testing process:

Functional testing on localized platforms can be performed as part of our turnkey projects, or as a separate service upon request. Generally, the test scripts are provided by the client and can be adapted by our engineers to the particularities of localized versions. The testing results are fully documented in formal test reports, or logged in a bug report system of the client's choice.
Functional testing is performed by an engineer or a tester.

To perform these tasks efficiently, our US and European offices are equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software as well as with operating systems and applications in various languages. All our dedicated computers can be configured by our engineers to the most robust test specifications in every requested language.

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