HighTech Passport

Internationalization and Localization Services

Tailoring localization to your needs


Our services reflect our core values, focusing on our clients and their needs.

We work with your teams and understand your business and communication needs. We understand your technology and your marketing messages, and we apply our knowledge to each one of your localization projects. Our main goal is to adapt our processes and our technology to best match your quality standard, workflow, timing, cost and budget.

  • Do you work in Agile mode?
  • Do you need continuous delivery?
  • Do you want transparent processes that seamlessly integrate into your own?
  • Do you focus on user experience in your target markets?
  • Do you need 24 hour project management and engineering support across several continents?
  • Would you like consistent quality by dedicated teams of linguists you can actually communicate with?
  • Do you want customized processes that are implemented across all your projects?

We do it all. If you need a globalization-related service you don’t find in our list, ask us about it, we always customize our services for our clients.


What our clients say