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Tailoring localization to your needs

Localization & Translation

When you go global, the challenge is to win the hearts and minds of your local users, one product at a time. Even if they speak English, your potential users always prefer to work and play in their native language.

Localization, the process of translating and adapting source content to the particularities of specific locales, is key to reaching local audiences. Products that are localized well should leave users feeling that they were created for them, in their own language. It should be a seamless experience that veils the reappropriation of content from another language and culture to their own.

To achieve this goal, for each line of product or translatable material, we build an expert team of linguists who tailor to your needs. With careful training and support, we maximize quality and productivity for each localization and translation project.

With more than 25 years of experience, localizing and translating software and content into over 110 languages, our language services include:

Software Localization
Terminology & Style

In a variety of domains:

● Information Technology
● Medical Equipment
● Life Sciences
● Gaming & Entertainment
● Audio Technology
● Legal/Financial
● e-Commerce
● Search Marketing
● Mobile Technology
● Telecommunication
● e-Learning
● Cloud Services
● Statistical Analysis
● Network Software
● Survey Software

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Localization & Translation

Software Localization

What makes software localization different from translation? It’s still about translating UI strings in a CAT tool one at a time, isn’t it?

Ultimately, the focus of localized software is the same in all locales: an outstanding user experience. It’s the user experience which makes or breaks a product in a target market and language is the most visible part of it.

The key to a successful local user experience is making sure that all pieces of the localization puzzle fit harmoniously together for their specific target audience.

This is why we have devised a highly proactive approach to software localization which considers the uniqueness of each product and project, while applying the critical best practices:

  • Create consensus with our client on tone of voice, style, and terminology
  • Consistently use the same team of specialized linguists for all of our clients’ projects
  • Agree with our client on localization processes meant to facilitate integration with their own production cycle
  • Thoroughly analyze the source material of each project to identify potential issues
  • Cooperate with our client to fix them in the source material prior to localization
  • Familiarize our linguistic team with the product through training, round-the-clock support and reference material
  • Fast-paced Q&A process during the translation phase
  • Rigorous automated and visual verification of localized material before delivery

We also offer our clients the possibility to select from an extensive range of professional localization services to best meet their needs, schedule and budget.

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