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Localization & Translation

When you go global, the challenge is to win the hearts and minds of your local users, one product at a time. Even if they speak English, your potential users always prefer to work and play in their native language.

Localization, the process of translating and adapting source content to the particularities of specific locales, is key to reaching local audiences. Products that are localized well should leave users feeling that they were created for them, in their own language. It should be a seamless experience that veils the reappropriation of content from another language and culture to their own.

To achieve this goal, for each line of product or translatable material, we build an expert team of linguists who tailor to your needs. With careful training and support, we maximize quality and productivity for each localization and translation project.

With more than 25 years of experience, localizing and translating software and content into over 110 languages, our language services include:

Software Localization
Terminology & Style

In a variety of domains:

● Information Technology
● Medical Equipment
● Life Sciences
● Gaming & Entertainment
● Audio Technology
● Legal/Financial
● e-Commerce
● Search Marketing
● Mobile Technology
● Telecommunication
● e-Learning
● Cloud Services
● Statistical Analysis
● Network Software
● Survey Software

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Localization & Translation

Terminology & Style

“What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;”
(William Shakespeare)

The rose might smell as sweet under any other name, but would customers recognize the rose under that “other name” if they have to order flowers?

In localization, it is actually essential to consistently "call a spade a spade, not a gardening tool". Accuracy of rendering in all languages is a must to perform the complex operations users worldwide expect with the tools they acquire.

Thus glossaries itemizing the equivalence between key terms in the source and target language have become a vital building block of the trade. Glossaries define the meaning of product-specific terminology for different markets, including locale-specific subtleties, acronyms, and specific non-translatable terms. Glossaries are always “work in progress” that needs to be managed, the same as the products they serve.

Understanding the rigors of terminology, we are able to create, manage, and enforce approved terminology with the help of state-of-the-art tools and expert linguists.

While glossaries are meant to keep terminology consistent, style guides focus on consistency in style and tone to ensure both a homogenous quality of the message and a unique and harmonious brand image.

Our lead linguists create and maintain complex style guides based on a number of factors like the nature of the target audience, the industry-specific lingo, local language conventions, cultural particularities and sensitivities, and so much more...

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