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Localization & Translation

When you go global, the challenge is to win the hearts and minds of your local users, one product at a time. Even if they speak English, your potential users always prefer to work and play in their native language.

Localization, the process of translating and adapting source content to the particularities of specific locales, is key to reaching local audiences. Products that are localized well should leave users feeling that they were created for them, in their own language. It should be a seamless experience that veils the reappropriation of content from another language and culture to their own.

To achieve this goal, for each line of product or translatable material, we build an expert team of linguists who tailor to your needs. With careful training and support, we maximize quality and productivity for each localization and translation project.

With more than 25 years of experience, localizing and translating software and content into over 110 languages, our language services include:

Software Localization
Terminology & Style

In a variety of domains:

● Information Technology
● Medical Equipment
● Life Sciences
● Gaming & Entertainment
● Audio Technology
● Legal/Financial
● e-Commerce
● Search Marketing
● Mobile Technology
● Telecommunication
● e-Learning
● Cloud Services
● Statistical Analysis
● Network Software
● Survey Software

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Localization & Translation


Translation is one of the oldest forms of communicating the meaning of a source-language text by rendering it in an equivalent target-language text. It is this very equivalence which requires the competence and expertise of the linguist in the domain of the source-language text.

At HighTech Passport, we match the specialization and skill level of the linguists in our extensive global network with the many types of materials we translate into over 100 languages:

  • Websites
  • Documentation
  • Software collateral
  • Marketing & sales collateral
  • eLearning content
  • Video and audio scripts

To reach the level of linguistic excellence we are known for, we only ask linguists to translate into their native language, adapting the tone of voice, style and terminology, and way of rendering of each translation to a variety of factors:

  • Cultural adequacy - is not equally relevant for all domains. E.g. it is much more relevant for translation of promotional material than it is for the translation of a medical user guide.
  • Tone of voice & style - while it is given much thought for all marketing or transactional emails addressed to end users, e.g., a certain neutral tone and style are deemed standard without further ado for court documents or financial reports.
  • Terminology - the strict terminological consistency requirements of an online help system are not comparable to the more relaxed terminology of an infomercial.
  • High accuracy of the source text is much more important in legal, scientific or medical translation than it is in translation of marketing or promotional material where the accurate rendering of the original message takes precedence.

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