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Localization & Translation

When you go global, the challenge is to win the hearts and minds of your local users, one product at a time. Even if they speak English, your potential users always prefer to work and play in their native language.

Localization, the process of translating and adapting source content to the particularities of specific locales, is key to reaching local audiences. Products that are localized well should leave users feeling that they were created for them, in their own language. It should be a seamless experience that veils the reappropriation of content from another language and culture to their own.

To achieve this goal, for each line of product or translatable material, we build an expert team of linguists who tailor to your needs. With careful training and support, we maximize quality and productivity for each localization and translation project.

With more than 25 years of experience, localizing and translating software and content into over 110 languages, our language services include:

Software Localization
Terminology & Style

In a variety of domains:

● Information Technology
● Medical Equipment
● Life Sciences
● Gaming & Entertainment
● Audio Technology
● Legal/Financial
● e-Commerce
● Search Marketing
● Mobile Technology
● Telecommunication
● e-Learning
● Cloud Services
● Statistical Analysis
● Network Software
● Survey Software

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Localization & Translation


Compared to the long history of translation, the term “transcreation” has only been around for about two decades and the word combination points to its meaning, “creative translation”. How could translation be “creative”, when it is by definition supposed to accurately render the meaning of the source?

Transcreation appeared as an acknowledgement of the significant differences between target markets. Going beyond the adaptation to natural language flow and cultural particularities, transcreation strives to make marketing and promotional material attractive to potential buyers in the designated target market. It achieves its goal when the original message is re-created in the target language to appeal to its intended local audience and still retains the intent of its source text.

Our network includes dedicated language experts who thrive at this exercise. Our transcreation specialists carefully recreate the original message, often changing the style and tone for the desirable impact on the target audience, while maintaining its original meaning. In the process, they use concepts that resonate with the local audience and not necessarily with the source language users.

We understand that a company’s image in a target market often depends on how it positions itself for its potential users. This is why we are always ready to transparently partner with our clients to select the most qualified language experts to bring their message to their potential users. Our clients can assess by themselves:

  • The knowledge and expertise of our transcreation experts in the specific domain
  • The elegance and inspiration of their creative writing
  • Their in-depth familiarity with both cultures
  • The thorough understanding of the original message
  • The nuanced rendering of the target message

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