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Internationalization and Localization Services

Tailoring localization to your needs

Managed Services

Would you like to focus on your core competencies rather than on complex linguistic requirements? Do you need help supporting your Globalization team? Has finding the right talent for your globalization needs become challenging?

We are fast and proactive in finding solutions to fit your needs, considering not only your specifications, but also your budget. We will support you with globalization talent sourcing to work directly with your team either in-house or remotely. HighTech Passport brings you talent with the right language skills, domain expertise and content experience:

  • Language Leads
  • Language Experts
  • Testers
  • Reviewers
  • Translators & Transcreators
  • Content Managers
  • Creative Writers
  • Localization Engineers
  • Project Managers

We recruit, assess, and build carefully vetted global teams with multilingual talent, and also manage them for you. If you choose to, our fully outsourced talent can work with you on your premises, under your management. From comprehensive outsourced localization management to in-house project management, we tailor our service to fit your needs.

Talent Recruitment
Talent Management

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Managed Services

Talent Recruitment

We hand-pick our outsourced localization talent to match your industry. Where subject-matter experts are needed, we supply them to you from our team, or recruit them using rigorous selection methods and testing processes.

We will recruit for you by the same stringent criteria we use when we recruit for ourselves.

  • Screen
  • Create tests adapted to requirements
  • Administer our test or your test
  • Evaluate tests with our own trusted staff based on objective benchmarks
  • Interview, negotiate
  • Onboard

Our process is perfectly transparent, and you can be as involved as you’d like to be.