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Internationalization and Localization Services

Tailoring localization to your needs


Internationalization is the first step in enabling a software product to function properly in various languages and regions.

It’s a prerequisite before localization can happen and should be integrated into the product development roadmap.

Effective internationalization at the product development level ensures companies can market their solutions or services overseas efficiently when they decide to go global.
Internationalization practices may include verifying general, coding, and design issues.

Our services include:

Globalization / Internationalization Consulting
Localization Enabling
Internationalization Testing

Internationalization requirements vary from one country to another, depending on language script, formatting conventions, and cultural values. Products that are not compliant with one of these requirements can get prohibitively expensive to localize, especially in some languages.

Have you made sure your products are compliant? Do you have the resources, time and expertise for these kinds of specialized tasks?

At HighTech Passport, we’ve got you covered.
We provide you with internationalization services to design, code, and test products enabling multi-language support, including bi-directional (bidi) and double-byte languages.

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Localization Enabling

Properly enabled code supports local, regional, linguistic, and cultural preferences. Typically, this involves incorporating predefined localization data and features from existing libraries or user preferences.

Examples: date and time formats, local calendars, number formats and numeric systems, sorting and presenting lists, name and address forms, etc.

Our engineers analyze code, review designs and perfect product user interfaces using relevant internationalization sources. Our experienced staff work with you to address challenges, suggest possible solutions, and implement new designs.

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