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Internationalization and Localization Services

Tailoring localization to your needs

Technical Expertise

Do you want to localize an app, a web site or maybe some collateral and want to know the best way to go about it? Do you have questions about your process and how it could seamlessly integrate localization without becoming a burden for your development team?

The first thing we do with our clients when we encounter a new process, a new project, a new format is discuss an optimal localization solution.

We believe that technical expertise is not only a prerequisite for quality localization, it also helps our clients with creative solutions for their particular localization needs. Best localization practices are not set in stone, they have to integrate in our clients’ workflow and adapt to their needs.

Technical excellence, as well as proactive and creative thinking characterize our approach to:

Localization Engineering
Layout & Graphic Design
Tool Support
File Format Support

Technical skill is not the only attribute that counts for our US and European Engineering and DTP/Graphic Design departments, but also their ability to:

  • Ask the right questions, many of which no one else had raised before
  • Identify, anticipate, and fix potential issues in the source material
  • Offer creative solutions to improve process efficiency
  • Support, complement or strengthen our clients’ technical resources
  • Analyze and test tools to make suggestions

Our technical staff helps you:

  • Relieve your developers, engineers and tech resources of localization hurdles
  • Minimize the time your internal resources have to be involved in the localization process
  • Deliver high quality localized products requiring minimum testing before market release

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Technical Expertise

Localization Engineering

Would you like to first consider your options localizing your software? Would you like to pilot test a new process? Or maybe simply get some advice on how to proceed with localizing down the line?

The first order of business with a new client or a new process is always to optimize the integration of localization in our client’s processes to avoid disruption and minimize additional work for their resources.

Questions and issues are often solved by direct interaction with our clients’ technical staff. To increase efficiency, we ask for our engineers’ help to answer all our clients’ technical, procedural or tool-related questions.

Internally, our engineers seek to automate every aspect of our often customized localization process to save time and lower costs. They write numerous proprietary scripts to optimize pre- and post-translation procedures preparing localization kits for CAT tools and verifying the technical integrity of translated files.

Localization engineering is complemented by both internationalization and development. We have developed our own internal resource and project management tools which help us keep track of worldwide resource network and exercise a rigorous control of our projects.

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