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Tailoring localization to your needs

Multimedia & Video

Users worldwide welcome the help of videos to grasp concepts created in a different cultural environment. The impact of YouTube in this domain is enormous, with 80% of their viewers outside of the U.S. speaking a language other than English. The need to reach a global audience via dubbed or subtitled videos has never been greater.

Do you have videos you want to present to various local audiences? Then you are facing two big choices:

  • Fully-localized videos where the original source audio is replaced with a voiceover in the target language, and all existing video captions are replaced with translated captions. All animated captions and graphics, as well as live camera interviews, are also produced in the target language.
  • Subtitled videos where the voice in the original source language is still heard, with subtitles underneath displaying the translation of the audio content.

Sophisticated marketing or e-learning videos work best with voice-over, while instructional videos, interviews, and basic training videos work perfectly well with subtitles too. The latter, a highly time and cost efficient process is currently in high demand, especially in the tech world.

We provide a customized approach to audiovisual localization services depending on your project, budget, and target audience, including:

Subtitles & Captions
Video Production
Script Creation & Transcription

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Multimedia & Video


A well localized video looks and sounds like it was produced in the target language(s). It impacts the target audience the same way an original video does in its locale and has the same appeal to users and potential customers. Sounds optimal doesn’t it?

The downside is that producing fully localized videos comes at a much higher cost than their subtitled version.

However, some videos just have to be fully localized to render the original message appropriately and might lose a lot through subtitling. Marketing videos, action videos, highly complex instructional videos are much better candidates for full localization than they are for subtitling.

Selecting the right voice-over talent is key for a user to accept a dubbed video. Users are receptive to a dubbed video if it has the right voice and uses the right tone for the target locale.

Our network of professional voice talent and coaches can address the challenges that come with different types of content. Our project management teams monitor and handle each step of the process from talent selection to scheduling.

Selecting the right voice talent is only the first step in creating a good recording. Clearly defining the following key items is the second:

  • the tone: formal or informal, friendly, explanatory, etc. (based on subject matter)
  • the demographic of the intended audience: age, gender, level of education, etc.
  • the objective: market, teach, demonstrate, educate, etc.

We use professional studios located in the US and abroad, and our in-house specialists process and QA the output before delivery.

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