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Internationalization and Localization Services

Tailoring localization to your needs

Multimedia & Video

Users worldwide welcome the help of videos to grasp concepts created in a different cultural environment. The impact of YouTube in this domain is enormous, with 80% of their viewers outside of the U.S. speaking a language other than English. The need to reach a global audience via dubbed or subtitled videos has never been greater.

Do you have videos you want to present to various local audiences? Then you are facing two big choices:

  • Fully-localized videos where the original source audio is replaced with a voiceover in the target language, and all existing video captions are replaced with translated captions. All animated captions and graphics, as well as live camera interviews, are also produced in the target language.
  • Subtitled videos where the voice in the original source language is still heard, with subtitles underneath displaying the translation of the audio content.

Sophisticated marketing or e-learning videos work best with voice-over, while instructional videos, interviews, and basic training videos work perfectly well with subtitles too. The latter, a highly time and cost efficient process is currently in high demand, especially in the tech world.

We provide a customized approach to audiovisual localization services depending on your project, budget, and target audience, including:

Subtitles & Captions
Video Production
Script Creation & Transcription

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Multimedia & Video

Video Production

To deliver your message with authenticity, we employ seasoned post-production professionals. You can rely on our multilingual teams for expert audio-visual integration, adapting or encoding your videos to meet format needs/requirements, from broadcast television to YouTube…

We first adapt the translation and record the voiceover track in the new language.

We also translate and replace all text elements in the video track and, if necessary, we update the screenshots or video captures and synchronize the video with the new voiceover track.

After editing the music and sound effects again, our experts combine both tracks, aligning the localized content to the on-screen experience with precision, managing multiple voices and tracks.

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